Sequential Circuits Drumtraks 400

The instrument

The Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, released in 1984, is a digital drum machine that gained acclaim for its high-quality sounds and extensive programmability. As one of the first drum machines to offer MIDI compatibility, the Drumtraks became a versatile tool for both studio production and live performances. It features 13 digitally-sampled drum sounds, which can be individually tuned, allowing for a wide range of sonic possibilities. The Drumtraks' combination of affordability, ease of use, and advanced features made it a popular choice among musicians and producers during the mid-1980s like Orbital, Freddy Fresh and Prince.


The Sequential Circuits Drumtraks features 13 digitally-sampled drums. Each sound can be individually tuned, providing flexibility in shaping the overall drum kit. The machine offers 12-note polyphony, allowing multiple sounds to play simultaneously. One of its key features is the built-in sequencer, which supports real-time and step programming but also copy-pasting tools, enabling users to create complex and dynamic rhythms with ease.

The Drumtraks is equipped with MIDI implementation, making it one of the first drum machines to fully integrate with other MIDI-compatible devices. This functionality allows for synchronization and control from external sequencers and keyboards, enhancing its versatility in various setups. Additionally, the Drumtraks includes individual outputs for each drum sound, facilitating detailed mixing and processing in a studio environment.

The user interface is straightforward, with dedicated buttons for each drum sound and a simple display for navigating and editing sequences. The Drumtraks' robust build quality and reliable performance have ensured its continued use and appreciation among vintage drum machine enthusiasts.